Unemployment 2015

For the first half 2015 year, the unemployment rate has been relatively low compared to the annual average of the previous year––6.2%. Since January 2015, the unemployment rate has been decreasing. A project shows that the unemployment rate will remain steady at 5.3% in July as well.

Percentage Annual Average of Unemployment. (January - June 2015)
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Total Average Annual Number of Unemployed Persons. (January - June 2015)

This is a preliminary map of state unemployment rates in June 2015. As indicated by the map, West Virginia and the Distribute of Columbia had the highest unemployment rates in June 2015––7.4% and 7% respectively. On the other hand, both North Dakota (3.1%) and Nebraska (2.1%) had the lowest unemployment rates.

Preliminary State Unemployment Rates. (June 2015)

A state-by-state comparison of the over-the-year change between June 2014 and 2015 shows that many states had a lower unemployment rate this year, compared to the previous year. Exceptions, however, include Louisiana, South Carolina, and West Virginia. 

Over-the-Year Change in Unemployment Rate for States